Bringing Technology to Market

Three modules across the major business regions of the world.

An exclusive program for executives in global B2B markets

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Global markets are turbulent and their competitive landscapes are continually changing. New customer segments, low-cost competitors, new technologies, and innovative business models demand that suppliers adjust their market approaches to changing conditions.

Similarly, managers responsible for a product and/or region have to know how to tailor services and product offerings to profit from developments. They have to generate competitive market strategies and establish the means for their implementation. This includes gaining support within their corporations and motivating their teams to excel in the global environment.

The English language program “Bringing Technology to Market” (BTM) has been designed to provide managers in technology-driven B2B markets with the knowledge and concepts they need to develop growth plans and mitigate risk. Responding to the demands of the global business world, the three program modules will comprise an international group of participants and be run in the three major business regions of the United States, China, and Europe.

Scholarship Opportunities
To promote the role of women in global B2B business, ESMT Executive Education awards one scholarship with a value of €5,000 to exceptionally qualified and talented candidates. Please contact the BTM Program Director, Olaf Plötner, for more information.


Target audience

Participants with a leading position in technology-driven, globally active B2B companies who are responsible for generating profitable business


Key benefits

  • right understanding, concepts, and tools for improving revenue generation in the global market
  • formation of international network of peers


Key topics

  • Tackling low-cost competition in global B2B markets
  • Developing innovative business models
  • Turning complex services into a profitable business
  • Developing market-based controlling systems
  • Optimizing decision making in sales and marketing processes
  • Negotiating sales success
  • Achieving sales excellence through leadership
  • Handling different cultural and political frameworks
  • Understanding the current drivers of market-oriented management


Meet the teaching staff

Bringing Technology to Market

Module 1

18. - 21. Jun 2019
4 Days

Module 2

10. - 13. Sep 2019
4 Days
Charlottesville, USA

Module 3

12. - 15. Nov 2019
4 Days
Beijing, P.R. China
12,400 €

Olaf Plötner (Program Director)

Professor of Practice, ESMT Berlin

Professor Olaf Plötner joined ESMT Berlin as one of the first faculty members and managing director of ESMT Customized Solutions GmbH in 2002. Professor Plötner’s current research and teaching focus on strategic management, industrial market management, and sales management in global B2B markets.
His work is reflected in his most recent book ‘Counter Strategies in Global Markets’, published by Palgrave Macmillan, Springer, and SDX Shanghai. His research has been portrayed in journals such as Industrial Marketing Management and Journal of Business and Industrial Marking as well as in leading international media such as The Wall Street Journal, Times of India, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, China Daily Europe, and Financial Times.

Professor Plötner is a visiting professor at Darden School of Business and a regular guest lecturer at Freie Universität Berlin and ESCP Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris.

Professor Plötner also worked as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group in Frankfurt and as a director at Siemens AG in Boston.


Johannes Habel

Johannes Habel is an associate professor at ESMT Berlin. In his research and teaching he focuses on the management of sales, services, and marketing. Hereby, Johannes' primary area of interest is the role of digitalization as well as sales and service psychology.

Johannes' research has been published in some of the world's most renowned academic management journals, such as the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. For his research projects, Johannes has cooperated with leading German corporations, such as car manufacturers, airlines, technology corporations, and retailers.

Before joining ESMT Berlin, Johannes worked as a strategy consultant for Booz & Company for several years. He consulted major international corporations on their strategy and organization, such as technology corporations, telecommunication incumbents, pharmaceutical companies, financial service providers, and organizations within the public sector. In addition, Johannes is a trained radio journalist.

Johannes studied business administration at Mannheim University and completed his doctorate in sales management at the University of Bochum.


Harald Hungenberg

Harald Hungenberg is a visiting lecturer at ESMT Berlin and a chaired professor of management at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen Nuremberg and an affiliated professor at the School of International Management at ENPC Paris. He is also the academic director of the Institute for Corporate Planning (IUP), a think tank supported by various leading German companies such as BASF, Robert Bosch, Deutsche Bank, SAP, Volkswagen, and others.
Harald gained extensive experience while cooperating with companies and executives.

He works as a consultant and lecturer for strategy and planning, innovation, and change management. Further, he is a member of Duke University’s Global Learning Resource Network. The results of his research have been documented in more than 100 books and articles.
Before arriving in Nuremberg, Harald had been head of the strategic management department of the Leipzig Graduate School of Management for four years. He also worked as a management consultant for McKinsey & Company, Inc. for several years. He studied business administration at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Genfa Liu

Genfa Liu is the deputy director general of the Department of International Exchange and Program Development of China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong (CELAP).


Tom Steenburgh

holds the Richard S. Reynolds Professorship in Business Administration at the the University of Virginia Darden School of Business.


Leslie Young
is a professor of economics at the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB).


Mark A. Young

ESMT Berlin Visiting Faculty Founding member, Rational Games Inc., USA

Mark A. Young is a member of the visiting faculty of the ESMT MBA Program. He is an independent consultant, trainer, writer and lecturer in the field of negotiation skills training and analysis. His company, Rational Games, Inc, serves a variety of clients in the public and private sectors in the US, UK and Germany. He has served as a corporate lending officer at Chase Manhattan Bank, a strategic consultant at McKinsey & Company, a partner at Price Waterhouse Corporate Finance and a trade negotiator in the US Department of Commerce.

Bringing Technology to Market

Video: Bringing Technology to Market

The ESMT flagship program for managers responsible for the sales of goods and services on global B2B markets.

“Several years ago, BTM provided me with insights and concepts that have been highly valuable for improving my business and very beneficial for the development of my career. Today, Siemens India delegates each year top sales executives and general managers to this program so that they, too, may benefit from this exceptional experience.“

Sunil Mathur, CEO Siemens India

In cooperation with

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

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Video: Bringing Technology to Market

The ESMT flagship program...

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Book: Counter Strategies in Global Markets

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