Erfolgreich Geschäftsstrategien entwickeln

Designing a competitive strategy to drive business activities in new and established companies

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Strategy and strategic thinking are core elements of business success – in fact, a strong strategy sense is among the most important skills an executive can have. As competitive pressures grow across unpredictable markets and new business models transform companies, these capabilities become more vital than ever. In this German language program we’ll discuss a critical set of questions, such as: Which are the best instruments for understanding an organization’s competitive environment and ability? Where can we find strategic opportunities in an increasingly globalized marketplace? Which strategies are likely to succeed, and which ones face the greatest implementation hurdles? But the key question is: How to design a competitive strategy capable of driving an organization’s business activities in the right direction and manage both mature business lines and new enterprises?

The English language alternative program we recommend is "Winning with Business Strategies" (SMM).


Target audience

Managers involved in strategic decision making and implementation.


Key benefits

  • sharpen strategic acumen
  • learn how to apply strategy, both to the individual role in the company and to the entire organization


Key topics

  • Proactively assessing the competition in an industry as well as their actions and reactions
  • Thinking like a strategist and analyzing strategic options
  • Designing and formulating competitive strategies
  • Business planning for both mature business lines and new enterprises
  • Sustaining your competitive advantage
  • Managing the low-price competition
  • Capitalizing on new opportunities for product innovation
  • Convincing organizations that they need strategic transformation


Meet the teaching staff


Erfolgreich Geschäftsstrategien entwickeln

27. - 29. Mai 2019
3 Tage
3,900 €

Olaf Plötner (Program Director)

is a professor at ESMT Berlin. He was one of the first faculty members to join ESMT in 2002. Olaf’s current research and teaching focus is on strategic management, industrial market management, and sales management in global B2B markets.

His research has been portrayed in journals such as Industrial Marketing Management and Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing as well as in leading international media such as The Wall Street Journal, Times of India, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, China Daily Europe, and Financial Times.

Olaf is a visiting professor at the Darden School of Business, University of Virginia, and at Antai College of Economics and Management, Jiao Tong University in Shanghai. Olaf also worked as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group in Frankfurt and as a director at Siemens AG in Boston.


Harald Hungenberg

is a visiting lecturer at ESMT Berlin, a chaired professor of management at Friedrich-Alexander University ErlangenNuremberg, as well as an affiliated professor at the School of Inter national Management at ENPC Paris. He is also the aca demic director of the Institute for Corporate Planning (IUP), a think tank supported by various leading German companies such as BASF, Robert Bosch, Deutsche Bank, SAP, Volkswagen, and others.

Harald gained extensive experience while cooperating with companies and executives. He works as a consultant and lecturer for strategy and planning, innovation, and change management. Furthermore, he is a member of Duke University’s Global Learning Re source Network. The results of his research have been documented in more than 100 books and articles.

Before joining Friedrich-Alexander University, Harald was head of the strategic management department of the Leipzig Graduate School of Management for four years. He also worked as a management consultant for McKinsey & Company, Inc., for several years. He studied business admin istration at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen and at the Massachusetts Instit ute of Technology.