ESMT - Doha Institute EMBA/EMPA Double Degree Program

The only dual degree program in the region

The EMBA-EMPA Double Degree Program prepares participants for executive leadership roles in both the private and public sectors by combining best business management practices with expert insight into governance and policy analysis.

The EMBA program at the European School of Management and Technology, Berlin (ESMT) is a rigorous general management program that guides your transition from management into senior leadership and entrepreneurial roles. The program is designed to deliver the experiences and skills needed to transform you into an effective, integrative leader, capable of implementing change and innovation in complex international business environments.

The EMPA program at the School of Public Administration and Development Economics (SPADE) prepares current and future public service professionals to lead organizations through acquiring the skills needed to govern, manage, and make policy and administrative decisions while upholding the values of public service.


The double degree program is ideally suited for:

  • Managers in the corporate sector working in government relations, strategy and regulatory affairs.
  • Managers in public enterprises.
  • Managers and experts in public administration roles.
  • Managers in Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and non-profit organizations.
  • Business owners.
  • Consultants in the private and public sectors.
  • Managers looking to further their career in the public and private sectors.


What makes the program unique?

Your Career Benefits

One Program - Two Degrees

Earn two Master’s degrees: A Master of Business Administration from ESMT Berlin and an Executive Master in Public Administration from SPADE.

Increased Employment Potential

Engage in customized events and activities designed to enhance your employment potential, including a  speaker series with influential leaders, as well as academic and career services, and social events.

Distinguished International Faculty and Industry Specialists

Interact with and learn from internationally recognized scholars, leading civil servants, and renowned global experts.
Increased Earning Potential

Unlock increased salary opportunities with the invaluable experience and specialization the dual degree has to offer.
Leadership Focus

Hone your leadership and management capabilities and nurture your drive for innovation and impactful change.
Core Management Skills

You will learn the tools necessary to run a successful business or business unit.
International Exposure

Enhance your ability to navigate a globalized world, through a week-long study visit at the ESMT campus in Berlin.
Career Flexibility

Excel in public, nonprofit and/or private sector employment! The dual degree will power your success wherever your leadership career takes you.
Experiential Learning

Experience the real-world impacts of the knowledge acquired from the program through a capstone project carried out with a marquee partner in Qatar.
Inter-sectoral and International Network

Gain access to an international network across the public and the private spheres and belong to the alumni communities of both ESMT and DI.
Alignment with Qatar Vision 2030

Be part of it! The program in aligned with the Qatar National Vision 2030. We expect our graduates to be in high demand thanks to their entrepreneurial and superior managerial skills.
Increased Influence

Gain two complementary skill sets that enable you to occupy influential strategic positions by providing a bridge across sectors.
 Immediate Learning Applications

Apply learning immediately!  The program is designed on a modular basis to allow you to begin transforming your institution right away.


The program at a glance