An EMBA in Europe’s economic powerhouse

Develop yourself as a manager and a leader.

From the center of Europe, The ESMT EMBA program gives you cutting-edge global business acumen. ESMT EMBA candidates have been described as top-performing, professional, but above all, ambitious. Alumni describe the ESMT experience as one of the most enriching, liberating, and intense journeys of their lives. A credential recognized the world over, the ESMT Executive MBA has helped individuals open doors, break ceilings, and push boundaries, both within themselves and within their companies.

ESMT works with EMBA students from Europe and farther abroad. All students are high-quality professionals with high performance expectations. The EMBA classroom is also a diverse mixture of industries, which allows the class to discuss best practices and learn cross-functional and cross-disciplinary approaches to common problems. Please view some of the videos below to candid discussions of the EMBA program at ESMT.