The ESMT MBA in-depth

The ESMT MBA is about more than attending lectures.

Our MBA structure is based half on formal coursework, while a significant portion focuses on valuable experience outside the classroom. For information about the ESMT MBA course offerings please read below. Be sure to check out the Professional development, Student life, and Careers pages for information about networking and personal growth in the ESMT MBA.

In addition to the core curriculum, students have a variety of options to enrich their MBA experience with further international exposure. Be sure to check out other options ESMT offers to develop global leaders during the MBA.

Every year, ESMT MBA students begin their journey in January and finish in December. The MBA year is divided into two semesters: Mastering Management and Taking the Lead. The ESMT faculty designed all courses, including their sequence, to focus on the conjunction of theory and practice for the current challenges faced by global leaders.

The ESMT MBA is divided into six modules, or course groups. Each module builds on the previous courses to challenge students to think strategically, initiate creative solutions, and work in dynamic, international teams. Read below to see the full course offering in the MBA program. Follow the links on the right to discover some examples of ESMT MBA experiences.