ESMT Open Lecture with Philipp Hartmann

20 years of ECB monetary policy

The euro turns 20 this year. As an institution essential for the functioning of European Economic and Monetary Union and the single currency, the European Central Bank (ECB) conducts the monetary policy for the euro area. The euro’s anniversary provides an opportunity to take stock as to how the ECB has performed in this role.

In this ESMT Open Lecture, Philipp Hartmann, ECB Deputy Director General for Research, will show how the ECB has maintained price stability in the euro area – its primary objective.  He will lay out the business cycles the euro area economy has experienced and how the ECB has used its monetary policy instruments to respond to the risks in price stability. This lecture will include a discussion of the unconventional measures used to respond to the deep recessions that the European financial and sovereign debt crises caused.

Thursday, February 28, 2019, at 12:30 p.m
"20 years of ECB monetary policy"

Speaker: Philipp Hartmann, Deputy Director General of the research department, ECB
ModeratorJörg Rocholl, President, ESMT Berlin

About the speaker

Philipp Hartmann

Philipp Hartmann is Deputy Director General of the research department at the European Central Bank (ECB), which he helped build up from its beginning. He also coordinates the ECB’s work on financial integration, is a Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research, and a member of the scientific committee of the Fondation Banque de France. Previously, he worked at the European Monetary Institute, the London School of Economics, as chaired part-time professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and acted as vice president of SUERF, and member of the Basel Committee Research Task Force.

Philipp Hartmann has published research on financial, monetary, and international issues in several books and numerous articles in academic and market journals. He serves as an associate editor of the Journal of Financial Stability. His policy work has been published in many official reports and discussed in fora including the ECOFIN Council, the ECB Governing and General Councils, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

Mr Hartmann holds a Doctorat en Sciences Economiques (Paris) earned in the European Doctoral Program in Quantitative Economics.

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