Negotiation Excellence

Refine your acumen with professional feedback on your negotiation behavior

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Negotiation Excellence (NEGb) has been designed for executives who are sure of their systematic, conceptual grasp of negotiation strategies and have mastered the particular skills needed to prepare and carry out successful negotiations. Nevertheless, they are rarely aware of how others perceive them, or how their negotiating style may have them leaving money on the table. For these executives, it may be time to refine their acumen with professional, unbiased, and constructive feedback on their individual negotiation behavior.

Over two days of rigorous, intensive work sessions, participants will be presented with tough role-based nego tiation scenarios – some with peers, others with actors – and learn to be acute self-observers. Working in small groups of four to eight people, their performances will be monitored by faculty and/or video. This seminar will bring participants to negotiation tables and offer them a deeper understanding of how specific behaviors evoke certain responses from nego tiation partners. They will also gain a deeper understanding of the role of emotion in negotiation: how to leverage it, channel it, and diffuse it in strategically beneficial ways. Armed with these insights, participants will be better able to self-monitor and guide their strategic behavior for future negotiation success.


Target audience

Senior or mid-level executives who wish to focus on their individual negotiation styles and better understand the psychological make-up of the opposite side.


Key benefits

  • gain a precise understanding of the prevalent behavioral patterns that may undermine positions at the negotiation table
  • explore different behavioral options and learn to practice them as you fine-tune your negotiation skills
  • a solid network of global contacts


Key topics

  • Receiving individual feedback on negotiation strategy, behavior, and style in different scenarios
  • Using videos of negotiations to better understand options  
  • Receiving feedback on conflict-resolution style; expanding the options of how to cope with conflicts in negotiations  
  • Understanding how to interpret and deal with emotions while negotiating


“Best training experience in my professional life! I am extremely grateful.”

Juan Tito, Sales Director, Siemens AG


Meet the teaching staff

Negotiation Excellence

11. - 12. Dec 2019
2 Days
3,000 €

Martin Schweinsberg (Program Director)

is an assistant professor of organisational behaviour at ESMT Berlin. Previously he was an assistant professor at INSEAD. Martin obtained his PhD from London Business School and also holds a MSc (cum laude) and a BSc (with honours and cum laude) in psychology from the University of Amsterdam.

In one line of research Martin's research seeks to explain how negotiators can create and claim more value and how they can avoid impasses. In a second line of research Martin examines competitions for social status. Martin’s dissertation examined the systematic errors people make in their pursuit of higher status and asks specifically whether and why people overestimate their happiness after gaining status. Martin also examines how to make more science more reproducible by crowdsourcing distinct aspects of the scientific process.

Martin’s research has been published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Social Psychological and Personality Science, and in Nature: Scientific Data. Martin’s work has been covered in The Harvard Business Review, The Atlantic, Slate Magazine, National Affairs and 538, among others.

Martin currently serves on the editorial board of Nature: Scientific Data and as a reviewer for several management journals.
Martin is an award-winning teacher and has taught Executives, MBA and PhD students in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. Martin teaches and directs ope executive education programs iand teaches in client-specific programs at ESMT Berlin. Martin has also taught in INSEAD’s flagship open executive and client-specific programs. Martin has won INSEAD’s prestigious Dean's Commendation for Excellence in teaching three years in a row.