The High-Impact Negotiator

Boost your negotiation power with professional feedback and coaching

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The High-impact Negotiator has been designed for professionals who are fairly secure in their systematic, conceptual grasp of negotiation strategies and have mastered the particular skills needed for successful negotiations. Nevertheless, they want to enquire how others perceive them, or how they can improve their negotiating style to achieve better outcomes in collective bargaining situations.

Over two days of rigorous, intensive work sessions, participants bring in their own, real-life negotiations cases and discuss their personal challenges on negotiation tables. Working in small groups on tough role-based negotiations, participants receive feedback from faculty and professional coaches who observe and monitor the whole process. Participants learn how specific behaviors evoke certain responses from negotiation partners. They gain a deeper understanding of their own style in dealing with conflicts and learn how to leverage it in strategically beneficial ways. Armed with these insights, participants will be better able to self-monitor and adapt their behavior for future negotiation success.

The German equivalent of this program is Verhandlungsführung – Intensivseminar.  Participants will benefit the most from this program if they have completed the basic negotiation training like Negotiation Mastery or Professionelles Verhandeln in German language. However, there are no prerequisites for this program.

A 10% price reduction on the tuition fee is granted if participants book the basic and intensive programs. Please talk to our admissions office or send an e-mail to

Target audience

Senior or mid-level executives who wish to focus on their individual negotiation styles and discover how to capitalize on strengths while mitigating weaknesses.


Key benefits

  • Gain a precise understanding of the prevalent behavioral patterns and negotiation styles that may undermine positions at the negotiation table
  • Explore different behavioral options and learn to practice them as you fine-tune your negotiation skills
  • Obtain a comprehensive network of global contacts


Key topics

  • Assessment of negotiation styles, conflict resolution styles
  • Analysis of personal challenges on the negotiation table
  • Guided simulation on real-life negotiations cases brought in by participants
  • Intensive coaching on negotiation strategy, behavior, and style in different scenarios
  • Receiving feedback on conflict-resolution style; expanding the options of how to cope with conflicts in negotiations


“Best training experience in my professional life! I am extremely grateful.”

Juan Tito, Sales Director, Siemens AG


Meet the teaching staff

Nan Guo (Program director)

Nan Guo is a program director at ESMT since 2018. Before joining ESMT, She was on the frontline of market entry projects for German corporates, medium-sized companies and a startup in higher education into the Chinese market. She played a key role in bringing German products and services to the Chinese market and has rich experience in building up intercultural teams and prepare organizations for its market expansion. Her recent projects include executive education programs on innovation & digitization for both German and Chinese clients.

Her focus is to help executives develop the right market expansion strategy, understand China, new businesses and succeed in leading multinational teams.

Andreas Bernhardt

Andreas Bernhardt is executive development advisor and lead coach at ESMT Berlin in Germany, founding member of ESMT's Center for Leadership Development Research, and manages ESMT's pool of executive coaches. He has over 20 years of practical leadership development experience with executives from more than 50 countries and has designed and delivered executive programs for several international companies. He is also an executive coach with the Global Leadership Centre at INSEAD, one of the world's leading business schools.

Mark A. Young

Mark is visiting lecturer at ESMT and an independent consultant, trainer, writer and lecturer in the field of mediation and negotiation skills training and analysis. Mark’s business career has afforded him ample opportunities to do so, as he has served as a corporate lending officer at Chase Manhattan Bank, a strategic consultant at McKinsey & Company, a partner at Price Waterhouse Corporate Finance and a trade negotiator in the US Department of Commerce.


The High-impact Negotiator

11. - 12. Dec 2019
2 Days
2,900 €