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ESMT Berlin’s Customized Solutions (CS) focus on delivering company programs that foster development particular to each organization. Each program is assembled through a process of co-creation, and is tailored to the individual needs, challenges, and desirable outcomes of the customer. The staff for each CS is comprised of experts combining academic, theoretical knowledge, with practical capabilities to lecture and consult participants. In addition, we pursue an industry-focused, rather than a functional approach, using the most up-to-date research which is discipline based, and caters to real-world implementation. Our CS programs are designed to encourage network creation as well as enable participants to translate what they have learned into action as soon as they return to their companies.



"Is the glass half empty or half full? In good times and bad, there are always a select group of business leaders who are able to see beyond the heat of the moment. They recognize that periods of economic uncertainty are also powerful windows of opportunity. These are the individuals who seize the chance to realign their business - and reposition their competition - for the next wave of growth and innovation."

Prof. Dr. Olaf Ploetner, Dean of Executive Education, ESMT Berlin


ESMT Customized Solutions (CS)

Ulf Schäfer

Practice groups

Focused on industry - a different approach to customized education

Bülent Gögdün

Program directors

Creating a new organization takes a new kind of thinking

Olaf Plötner


We follow a 5-step method to ensure the highest level of customization.

Matthew S. Bothner


A portfolio which goes beyond the scope of conventional executive education.


Activities in the field of energy

New business strategies along the energy value chain

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