Customized programs - process


We follow a 5-step method to ensure the highest level of customization. Each step is divided into specific tasks that are documented and shared with the respective client. Our process transparency is guaranteed by our intranet, where clients follow the development of their program step by step.


In order to ensure first rate results, we begin with an analysis of the industry in which our clients conduct their business, identify their current and targeted position, and hence their particular demands. Based on this initial mapping, we develop workshops, customer-specific cases, and projects combined with consulting and individual coaching sessions.


"First we sensitize people to the challenges in the market. Second, we seek to provide tools and methods to find solutions to specific problems. Third, we have the overview that enables us to provide best practice examples in business, and we can bring in highranking managers closely involved in relevant successes in the field. Fourthly, we act as educational consultants, moderating workshops with managers and employees to develop and improve business."

Olaf Plötner, in CEO, 2004