Executive Development Programs

The ESMT Berlin Executive Development Programs are designed for functional managers who are transitioning to general managers as well as those looking to focus on special topics and build on existing knowledge.

All programs incorporate the latest teaching methods, which integrate lectures, case discussions, simulations, action-based learning, creative interventions, group work, and discussions with ESMT faculty. Since peer-to-peer dialogue is an integral part of our high-impact learning process, participants with similar experiences and interests are selected for each program to ensure maximum group synergies and exchange of experiences.

Faculty – Distinguished and dedicated teachers
All programs are conducted by the ESMT faculty, which consists of an internationally renowned group of researchers with industry-specific expertise. Learn more about our distinguished group of academics.

Postgraduate Diploma in Management
Executive Development Program participants may pursue the ESMT Postgraduate Diploma in Management – a new university-level certificate offered by ESMT. This diploma is open to all managers with professional experience. For individuals, the diploma is an additional qualification and building block when pursuing their career in senior management. For companies, the program is an opportunity to promote and retain valuable professionals and managers.

Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Management
The Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Management is a new university-level certificate awarded by ESMT to serve as a formal recognition of a participant’s professional development. To qualify for the Diploma, candidates must participate in an ESMT flagship program, i.e., either the Executive Transition Program (in English) or the General Management Seminar (in German). Both programs are offered annually.


You can pursue your own interests for your individual and business development by choosing from our portfolio of ESMT Executive Development Programs.


Executive Education

Der Financial Expert im Aufsichtsrat

Interview mit Dr. Jürgen Bruns, CFO, Mittelstand | Partners

ESMT Seminar Betriebswirtschaft für Führungskräfte (BTN)

Betriebswirtschaft für Führungskräfte (BTN)

BWL für Ingenieure und weitere Nicht-Kaufleute

ESMT - The next Generation of Leaders

The next generation of leaders

ESMT customized program for high potentials

Bringing Technology to Market

Bringing Technology to Market

The ESMT Berlin flagship program for managers

Error Managament

Error Management

The missing factor in today's organizations