Blockchain - Using Its Potential to benefit Your Business

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Blockchain is still a new technology, but ignoring it may prove costly. Next to the cryptocurrency bitcoin, a second application in the form of smart contracts is beginning to reveal its potential, namely by utilizing computer protocols to trigger actions following an automated validation of the underlying contractual terms.

However, despite the application’s potential and momentum, not all executives know how this new transaction technology – and smart contracts, in particular – works, or how technology and applications may impact their industry, company, and jobs.

In the two-day English language program Blockchain, leading developers and front-users will show participants how to assess and apply this new technology. They will present its basis, promises, and challenges. With their help, participants will understand the concept of a “smart contract market place,” as well as the legal obstacles and the uncertainties involved. They will support participants in creating their own ideas and discuss implementation hurdles to be aware of.


Target audience

Executives across industries who would like to get an introduction to cutting-edge, decentralized digital technology (“blockchain”), its potential for disruption, and how they can harness the technology to the benefit of their business.
(We do not expect deep IT expertise but welcome enthusiasm for the potential of digital technologies.)


Key benefits

  • Master the basic workings of decentralized technology
  • Be able to analyze the disruptive potential of decentralized technology on your business
  • Share the excitement of innovative entrepreneurs around the globe to experiment with this technology


Key topics

  • Understanding blockchain and its promise
  • Value creation and business models of start-ups
  • IP on blockchain and smart contracts
  • Application workshop to experience technology
  • The legal side of blockchain
  • Experiences in implementing blockchain



"Business Schools and Educational institutions in general tend to lag behind when it comes to technology, as it is very fast moving (in comparison with finance for example).

In this regard, it is really impressive how ESMT is able to provide such an in-depth program for such a leading-edge technological trend! Simply amazing! Congratulations, amazing job and amazing program!"

Peter Minev, VMware Bulgaria EOOD


"The two days at ESMT were just great. Step by step the blockchain world unfolded and during interactive sessions, breaks and evening activities, we were able to draft plans which now – only five months later – have led to concrete new projects"

Christopher Nigischer, Project Manager Cooperative Innovation Projects, NXP Semiconductors

Meet the teaching staff

Blockchain - a transaction technology for smart contracts

13. - 14. Dec 2018
2 Days
2,400 €

Christoph Burger (Program Director)

Senior Associate Dean of Executive Education and Senior Lecturer, ESMT Berlin

Christoph studied business administration and economics at the University of Saarbrücken (Germany), the Hochschule St. Gallen (Switzerland), and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (USA). He has taught microeconomics at the University of Ann Arbor, was project leader at Otto Versand, worked as a strategy consultant at Arthur D. Little and as an independent consultant, and was vice president at the Bertelsmann Buch AG.

Christoph has professional experience in strategy, post-merger integration, equity financing as well as customer and supplier management. He has solid international experience, spanning Northern and Eastern Europe and the United States.

At ESMT, Christoph directs and teaches in the open enrollment programs Decision Making and Entscheidungs-/ Verhandlunsgtechniken as well as in customized executive programs for clients such as BDI, Deutsche Lufthansa, E.ON, European Business Congress, and T-Systems. He has previously taught in the MBA program of Guanghua School of Management of Peking University and the EMBA and CEO program of CKGSB. He also runs discussion forums such as the Climate Lunch series together with BDI, WWF.


Christoph Jentzsch

is founder and CEO at Christoph has been part of the Ethereum project since 2014 as Lead Tester, securing and shaping the core protocol while working on the backend of the C++ client. His background is in theoretical physics.


Greg McMucllen
is a lawyer, internet activist, and Director of the Interplanetary Database Foundation, or IPDB, an internet-scale blockchain database for everyone, and Chief Policy Officer of BigchainDB (formerly


Bruce Pon
is the CEO/Co-Founder of BigchainDB, a blockchain database that allows enterprises to deploy decentralized applications. Prior to BigchainDB, Bruce co-founded Avantalion, a consulting firm specialised in building banks and industry startups in Europe and Asia for companies such as Mercedes- Benz, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi. He has an Engineering Degree from the University of Saskatchewan and has advanced training from MIT Sloan, University of Cambridge and IMD.

Shermin Voshmgir
Shermin is the founder of BlockchainHub and runs BlockchainHub Berlin. She is on the advisory board of the Estonian e-residency program, a curator of theDAO and regularly speaks at conferences and consults on Blockchains & Smart Contracts. Shermin did her PhD in IT-Management at the Vienna University of Economics, where she used to work as an assistant professor and currently lectures blockchain related topics.


Björn Wagner
Björn is responsible for the examination of the application possibilities of Distributed Ledger Technology within a scientific work at Siemens AG, Berlin. Meanwhile, he works at Ethcore Ltd., as business developer and project manager.