Booster Program: Compliance with Competition and Consumer Policies

European antitrust: cartels, mergers, state-aid, and the abuse of dominance

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Do you think Google needs to be broken up, like AT&T was in the 1980s in the United States, or E.ON was more recently in Europe? Or do you adamantly oppose that view? In either case, you will find this course of interest. We will discuss some of the leading European antitrust cases, ranging from cases on cartels to mergers, state-aid, and the abuse of dominance. We will also explore the recently debated intersection between competition and consumer protection law. For example, is a social network platform abusing its dominant position by forcing excessive privacy provisions on its users or not?


Target audience

This program targets ethics and compliance professionals, lawyers, and business managers to develop, implement, manage, or simply better understand comprehensive corporate compliance programs.


Key benefits

  • Extensive legal provisions and rules review
  • Focus on the underlying economic tools at the very heart of antitrust enforcement
  • Basics for judging yourself: Am I an infringer or a victim of competition law or not?


Key topics

  • Analyzing the leading theories of harm in merger cases
  • Consumer protection and competition law
  • Specific problems with antitrust enforcement in digital markets and industries
  • Acting within the boundaries of competition law in the fast-changing environment of multichannel markets
  • applying the Private Market Investor Principle


Meet the teaching staff

Booster Program: Compliance with Competition and Consumer Policies

27. Nov 2018
1 Day
1,200 €

Hans W. Friederiszick is a research fellow at ESMT Berlin, managing director at E.CA Economics, and a former member of the chief economist team at DG Competition, European Commission. His interests lie in the fields of applied microeconomics and industrial organization, with a specialization in competition economics.

Hans has extensive practical experience in all fields of competition economics (cartels, merger cases, abuse of a dominant position, and state-aid cases) and has led teams of economists during international antitrust investigations. He has been retained as an economic expert in front of German, UK, French, and European courts, and he is named in Global Competition Review’s “Who’s Who Legal” series as one of the leading competition economists.

Hans has published widely, teaches competition law and economics, and is a regular speaker at international antitrust conferences. Recent publications include the OECD roundtable report on economic methods for damage calculations and on efficiencies in Art. 102 TFEU cases. He has also published studies on: innovation in the pharmaceutical industry, intermodal competition in the railway industry, the economics of state-aid control, and internet neutrality.