Qualification Program for Maintenance Managers with a Technical Background

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The current automation level of production processes has led to a situation where up to 20% of the controllable manufacturing costs can be attributed to maintenance. Good maintenance management does therefore no longer only serve to keep up the production capacity but is being more and more recognized as an important competitive factor.

This new German language maintenance manager program, which has been developed in cooperation with members of the VDI expert committee on maintenance and ÖVIA (Austrian Association for Maintenance and Asset Lifecycle Management), will guide you on your way to becoming a responsible and market-oriented manager who can provide a measurable value contribution to the success of the company.

As the person responsible for maintenance, you must be able to identify and use potential value drivers. Besides your technical expertise, you will need a deep knowledge of the cost accounting and cost management tools to specifically reduce the controllable manufacturing costs. This will also help you to define the KPIs and assess their significance. Furthermore, leaders in maintenance have to confront the complex challenges of choosing and applying the right maintenance strategy, controlling the internal and external services, and following numerous legal restrictions regarding health and safety as well as environmental and emission requirements.


Target audience

Leaders in maintenance management with a technical educational background as well as initial professional experience and will support them in entering the career path.

Participants from traditional production industries – such as the automotive, chemical, steel and energy industry – or mechanical engineering and plant operating companies will benefit the most from this program.


Key benefits

  • identify value drivers and develop concrete approaches of how to support them
  • acquire reliable techniques of maintenance management
  • Field reports from experienced maintenance leaders
  • get acquainted with the essential economic aspects to make you more confident and successful when negotiating with management.
  • gain valuable benchmark information through discussions with your fellow participants from other companies, which will help you to optimize processes within your own field of responsibility


Key topics

  • Thinking competitive advantages
  • My individual role in the value chain
  • Maintenance processes and strategies
  • Maintenance management
  • Cost transparency
  • Spare parts management
  • Maintenance controlling and benchmarking
  • Systematic vulnerability analysis
  • Well-grounded decision making
  • Successful negotiating techniques
  • Contractor management in maintenance
  • Making allies: decision and opinion makers
  • Motivating teams and ensuring efficiency
  • Managing change


Meet the teaching staff

Univ. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. mont. Hubert Biedermann (PROGRAM DIRECTOR)

Vorstand des Lehrstuhls und Department Wirtschafts- und Betriebswissenschaften an der Montanuniversität Leoben und Präsident der Österr. technisch-wissenschaftlichen Vereinigung für Instandhaltung und Anlagenwirtschaft (ÖVIA). Als ausgewiesener Experte mit den Schwerpunkten Anlagenwirtschaft und Instandhaltungsmanagement ist er ein gefragter Gutachter und in vielen Industriebetrieben beratend tätig.


Prof. Dr. Lennart Brumby

Studiengangsleiter Service-Ingenierwesen, DHBW Mannheim und Experte für Service-Ingenieurwesen, Projekt Engineering, Mechatronik, Wirtschaftingenieurwesen und Maschinenbau.


Professor Dr. Ing. Jochen Deuse

Leiter des Instituts für Produktionssysteme, Fakultät Maschinenbau, Technische Universität Dortmund. Industrieerfahrung durch mehrere Führungspositionen bei der Robert Bosch GmbH, u.a. in den Bereichen Automobilelektronik und Produktionssystemen. Anerkannter Experte in Forschung und Praxis im Gebiet Digitale Fabrik, Data-Mining and Advanced Analytics.


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Henke

Institutsleiter des Bereichs Unternehmenslogistik, Fraunhofer-Institut für Materialfluss und Logistik (IML)


Professor Dr. Peter Kajüter

ESMT Berlin Visiting lecturer, and chair of international accounting of Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster. His main research and teaching focus lies in controlling, cost management, risk management and corporate disclosure.


Additional lecturers in the Maintenance Management Industry from the following companies:

  • Covestro
  • Evonik Technology & Infrastucture
  • HKM Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann
  • InfraServ Knapsack
  • RWE Power
  • thyssenkrupp Steel Europe