Change Management Seminar

Successfully leading and changing

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With today’s global competition and its new rules, it is necessary to continually adjust and accommodate for new situations. As a result, change processes have become part of the daily management routine and business leaders need a variety of frameworks and methods to enhance their effectiveness as change agents.

The German language “Change Management Seminar” offers participants a comprehensive overview of the relevant strategies, control levers, and mechanisms in change processes, each of which can be applied after the participant returns to their company.

As an English language alternative we recommend the program „Understanding and Leading Change“ (ULC).


Target audience

Participants are business leaders, project managers, and change agent.


Key benefits

  • learn how to promote behavioral changes
  • know the challenges and obstacles business leaders will encounter during change initiatives
  • understand which organizational change methods fit particular corporate cultures
  • develop strategies on how to turn resistance into cooperation and create learning teams


Key topics

  • Strategies of change management
  • Leading change processes
  • Communicating change processes
  • Dealing with obstacles and resistance
  • Designing cultural change
  • Establishing a learning culture


Meet the teaching staff

Change Management Seminar: erfolgreich führen und verändern

24. - 27. Jun 2019
4 Tage
Burg Hemmersbach
4,600 €

Change Management Seminar: erfolgreich führen und verändern

18. - 21. Nov 2019
4 Tage
Burg Hemmersbach
4,900 €

Ulrich Becker (Program Director)

Ulrich has over 20 years of experience in financial services, having worked as a managing director heading the Corporate Development of Deutsche Börse, leading the proprietary M&A of Credit Suisse and the industrialization program of UBS as well as a consultant for the Boston Consulting Group in Europe and USA. Ulrich leads the financial services practice of ESMT.


Professor Dr. Mark Ebers (Program Director)

is an ESMT visiting lecturer and professor of business administration, corporate development and organization, at Universität zu Köln, Germany, since 2004. Previously, he served on the faculties of Universität Augsburg (1994-2004) and Universität Paderborn (1992-94). He has been Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies at Hebrew University, Jerusalem (2012 and 2013), visiting scholar at the Columbia University in New York (2008 and 2009), international visiting fellow at the Advanced Institute of Management in the UK (2006 and 2007), visiting professor at Tilburg University (2004), Harvard Business School (2002), Harvard University (1997), and Bocconi University (1996). In 1989/90 he was a John F. Kennedy Memorial Fellow at Harvard University. He received his doctorate in business administration and his habilitation from Mannheim University.

His research focuses on the governance of inter-organizational relations. His current work explores how actors' social capital impacts inter- and intra-organizational learning and innovation.


Dr. Rüdiger Müngersdorff

is a guest lecturer at ESMT Berlin and co-founder and partner of Synnecta GmbH. He studied philosophy, comparative religion and the history of art.

He is teaching as lecturer in group psychotherapy, teaching therapist for family therapy and group psychotherapy, working as systemic consultant in organizations, setting up and managing an educational institution.

He is working as freelancer with management consultancies and is active as a consultant since 1987. Additionally he is visiting Professor at Carnegie Bosch Institute - Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University – Pittsburgh U.S.A. and visiting Professor at ESMT (European School of Management and Technology) in Berlin, Germany.

His current main areas of activity are: Complex Change Management Projects, Cultural and Organizational Development, Senior Executive Programs, Executive Coaching, Internal and External Dialogue Concepts, Vision and Strategy Development and Post-Merger Organizational Development®.


Professor Dr. Michael Kastner

Head of the Institute for Work Psychology and Occupational Medicine (IAPAM) in Herdecke and member of the scientific advisory board of Kastner-Partner-Consulting.