Führung für jüngere Führungskräfte

To ensure their long-term success, companies must offer support to promising young managers when handling various business challenges.

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The German language program Führung für jüngere Führungskräfte (FjF) has been designed to provide useful frameworks and is geared to young executives who have attained their first senior position. An in-depth analysis of their leadership potential, value system, and business characteristics will help them recognize their leadership strengths and weaknesses and prepare them to embrace the next level of responsibility.

An English language alternative program is „Emerging Leaders Program“ (ELP). Moreover the German language programManagement für jüngere Führungskräfte“ (MjF) would be a great alternative.


Target audience

Participants have either taken on their first responsibilities as a business leader or are about to take this step.


Key benefits

  • how to manage themselves and others
  • risks and opportunities of their new role
  • suitable leadership styles and how to come across as an authentic leader
  • how to build a high-performance team and control its dynamics
  • how to lead under pressure and to manage the diverse requirements of a business leader


Key topics

  • Leadership skills
  • Self-reflection: behavior and resulting consequences
  • Reconciling personal traits and the behavior of a business leader
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Value-based leadership; identity management
  • Teambuilding
  • Team leadership and group dynamics
  • Legal framework of personnel management


Meet the teaching staff

Führung für jüngere Führungskräfte

3. - 7. Jun 2019
5 Tage
Schloss Ahrenthal
4,900 €

Professor Dr. Sven Litzcke (Program Director)

is an ESMT Berlin visiting lecturer and professor of human resource management and business psychology at Hochschule Hannover (Germany) and scientific director and lecturer in the ESMT Leadership & HR program. He received his Diploma (FH) in Public Administration from the Federal University of Applied Administrative Sciences in Cologne, his Diploma in Psychology from Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg and his Doctorate from Eberhard-Karls-University Tübingen. His research focuses on Human Resource Management and Counterproductive Work Behaviour.


Dr. Karin Häring

Karin Häring is an ESMT Berlin program director for German open enrollment programs in leadership for young leaders and middle managers at the ESMT Berlin Campus Schloss Gracht. Karin received both her doctoral degree on evaluation of trainings in 2003 and her Diplom-Kauffrau in 1995 from the University of Augsburg. She studied economics and obtained her MA degree from the Wayne State University in 1993. Karin is a graduate of the International Teacher's Program at the London Business School and the Business Coaching Certification Program at DGFP.
Karin has more than 20 years of practical experience in leadership development and directed and taught in open and customized executive education programs for customers such as IBM, Hugo Boss, Hochtief, and Sal. Oppenheim.