Blockchain - Using Its Potential to benefit Your Business

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In 2018, trends such as Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are continuing to take press and social media outlets by storm. Blockchain remains in the spotlight, and is sought after by myriad markets for its application possibilities. The technology can be seen as the core of a digital trust machine that people can use to replace human and labor intensive processes we have traditionally employed to overcome trust boundaries. However, Blockchain technology still remains out of reach for many companies, policymakers and strategists. What is behind this innovative technology and how can it actually create added value for companies? Which application possibilities exist and what new applications might be possible?

In this program, we will focus on three leadership perspectives regarding Blockchain:

  • Understanding characteristics of Blockchain technology: How did the technology develop? What are the alternatives? Who are the players?
  • Analyzing value creation of Blockchain start-ups: What value do they create? What is the differentiation against current solutions? Is there a market potential?
  • Applying Blockchain technology: How can we use cryptocurrencies? What are applications for businesses? What new applications might be possible?


Target audience

Executives across industries who would like to get an introduction to this disruptive technology. We do not expect IT expertise and welcome curiosity for this new topic.


Key benefits

  • You are able to evaluate the potential of Blockchain for your company, its opportunities and its challenges
  • You understand the motivation of startups and entrepreneurs in the Blockchain field and obtain an overview of players in the field
  • You draft a Blockchain application within the program and learn about critical issues when implementing Blockchain projects


Key topics

  • Understanding blockchain and its promise
  • Value creation and business models of startups
  • Blockchain technology stack
  • Application workshop to experience technology and generate Blockchain application



"Business Schools and Educational institutions in general tend to lag behind when it comes to technology, as it is very fast moving (in comparison with finance for example).

In this regard, it is really impressive how ESMT is able to provide such an in-depth program for such a leading-edge technological trend! Simply amazing! Congratulations, amazing job and amazing program!"

Peter Minev, VMware Bulgaria EOOD


"The two days at ESMT were just great. Step by step the blockchain world unfolded and during interactive sessions, breaks and evening activities, we were able to draft plans which now – just five months later – have led to concrete new projects"

Christopher Nigischer, Project Manager Cooperative Innovation Projects, NXP Semiconductors

Meet the teaching staff

Blockchain - Using Its Potential to benefit Your Business

2. - 3. Dec 2019
2 Days
2,600 €

Christoph Burger (Program Director)

is a senior lecturer at ESMT Berlin. He worked in industry at Otto Versand and as vice president at Bertelsmann Buch AG. He also worked at the consulting practice Arthur D. Little and as an independent consultant focusing on private equity financing of SMEs.

His research focuses on the areas of energy, innovation/blockchain, and decision making/ negotiation.

Christoph studied business administration at the Uni versity of Saarbrücken (Germany) and the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) as well as economics at the Uni versity of Michigan, Ann Arbor (USA).

Fabian Gompf

Fabian Gompf is product and project manager at Parity Technologies, a research and development company for distributed infrastructure technologies, especially Blockchain technologies. Founded by key figures from the Ethereum Foundation, Parity today secures much of the public Ethereum network with the Parity Ethereum Client. Fabian is instrumental in the Polkadot project and has supported a large number of leading companies in their blockchain initiatives.

Selected guest speakers complement the core faculty on current topics, e.g. in the last program: Marlon Kästner (SAP, Senior Business Developer, ICN Blockchain), Michael Merz (CEO Ponton), Markus Tradt (CTO B3i) on topics of differentiation towards current digital solutions and implementation hurdles.