Track: Leadership and Social Responsibility

Postgraduate Diploma in Management -
Leadership and Social Responsibility

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Tuition fee



3 weeks (18 days) in 30 months

ESMT Berlin or Campus Schloss Gracht

  • 12 days from the Leadership and Social Responsibility cluster and
  • 6 additional days as electives from the 3 existing clusters

Sum of the chosen executive development programs. The range lies between € 14,000 and € 22,000

To be chosen according to your preferred composition and time availability

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Regardless of industry or location, leadership in the 21st century is a matter of working across complex, interrelated systems. Still, the pressure to succeed, combined with daily demands, often forces managers to react rashly rather than act prudently, which affects processes, people, and results.

The track Leadership and Social Responsibility offers a framework that supports managers from all levels to lead. ESMT faculty and leadership experts will guide them through each program, show them how to discover the leadership style suited to their personality and professional situation, and help them to make best use of their potential. For each set of tasks in a career, our programs address the capabilities expected of our participants, be they junior, mid-level, or senior management: With firm academic grounding in psychology, behavioral economics, and organizational theory, Leadership and Social Responsibility teaches them how to act effectively and positively influence those working with them.

After completing the track, participants will know how to create high-performance work groups, both locally and globally, to achieve the profitable growth their company needs.


You can pursue your own interests for your individual and business development by choosing from our portfolio of ESMT Executive Development Programs.