Managing Technology and Strategy

In today's fast-paced, highly competitive business landscape, management, innovation and technology have become inextricably linked. The following Executive Development Programs help participants transform the power of technology into innovative products, market opportunities and competitive advantage – creating economic well-being for societies and a strong return on investment for corporate stakeholders.

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Bringing Technology to Market

Three modules across the world


Innovation as a Corporate Model

Successfully initiating and implanting innovation


Winning with Business Strategies

Offers an in-depth look into corporate and business strategy

Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy

Dive into the complex challenges of developing a promising portfolio of businesses.


Blockchain - Using Its Potential to benefit Your Business

Share the excitement of innovative entrepreneurs around the globe to experiment with this technology

Corporate Entrepreneurship

Corporate Entrepreneurship

Turn ideas into new ventures.

Digital Excellence Program

Digital Excellence Program

Get ready for digital disruption

Big Data in Decision Making Processes

Understanding Data Analytics

How to utilize big data effectively

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Program Calendar

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