Postgraduate Diploma in Management – Your Return on Investment

The Postgraduate Diploma in Management is a new university-level certificate offered by ESMT Berlin. To acquire this diploma, candidates have to enroll for a minimum of three program weeks (18 days) spread over a period of 30 months. The postgraduate syllabus covers all major topics on leadership and general management.

We have further divided the course of study into three tracks: Leadership and Social Responsibility, Managing Technology, and General Management. After having chosen a track to follow, you can create your personal curriculum from three different thematic clusters. This modular structure allows you to customize your course of study to suit your personal needs.

This diploma from ESMT is open to all managers with professional experience. For individuals, the diploma is an additional qualification and building block when pursuing their career in senior management. For companies, the program is an opportunity to promote and retain valuable professionals and managers.

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Sven O. Müller

Interview with Sven O. Müller, E.ON   
PGD Diploma Leadership and Social Responsibility

Sven O. Müller is one of the first participants that has received the Postgraduate Diploma in Management with focus on Leadership and Social Responsibility.