Track: General Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Management -
General Management

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Tuition fee





3 weeks (18 days) in 30 months

ESMT Berlin and/or Campus Schloss Gracht

At least one program from each of the 3 clusters

Sum of the chosen executive development programs. The range lies between € 14,000 and € 22,000

To be chosen according to your preferred composition and time availability

ESMT faculty members or ESMT visiting faculty - comprised of an internationally renowned group of researchers with industry-specific expertise

Latest teaching methods, which integrate lectures, case discussions, simulations, action-based learning, creative interventions, group work, peer-to-peer dialogue, and discussions with ESMT faculty

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All of our programs have been designed to increase the business skills and leadership capabilities of our participants and provide the opportunity for them to explore specific topics in depth.

Our General Management track helps both high potentials and functional-level executives to move toward success in a broader role or to develop the individual skills necessary for taking a new step in their career. Our offering covers all the essentials of general management so that participants finish this track with a comprehensive understanding of local and global strategic thinking, sales performance, financial principles, decision making, and negotiations.

Our modules are taught by an outstanding group of ESMT faculty and visiting faculty with extensive experience in teaching executives. They incorporate a blend of effective teaching methods ranging from lectures, case work, simulations, action-based learning, and creative interventions to discussions with faculty and peers. Each concept we provide is tied to a practical solution that can be applied when participants return to their organization, irrespective of their industry.


You can pursue your own interests for your individual and business development by choosing from our portfolio of ESMT Executive Development Programs.