Track: Managing Technology

Postgraduate Diploma in Management -
Managing Technology

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3 weeks (18 days) in 30 months

ESMT Berlin and/or Campus Schloss Gracht

  • 12 days from the Managing Technology and Strategy cluster and
  • 6 additional days as electives from the 3 existing clusters

Sum of the chosen executive development programs. The range lies between € 14,000 and € 22,000

To be chosen according to your preferred composition and time availability

ESMT faculty members or ESMT visiting faculty - comprised of an internationally renowned group of researchers with industry-specific expertise

Latest teaching methods, which integrate lectures, case discussions, simulations, action-based learning, creative interventions, group work, peer-to-peer dialogue, and discussions with ESMT faculty

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A perfect technological product does not guarantee income. A company needs a variety of strategies to bring its technology to market if that product is going to generate a profit. Managers have to know about methods for matching products to market, about building the right sales team, capturing market value, and helping to align a company’s internal structures to function as a source of support.

Since globalization has turned into a strategic imperative, managers also have to understand the criteria of global performance and assess if their local intelligence will still be effective on a wider scale. In this environment, managers must learn to lead global teams as well as deal with different customer desires and modes of behavior. In short, they need the capacity to decode the rules of unfamiliar milieus and adapt to them fast.

Our Managing Technology track pays tribute to this difficult field and provides managers with the key concepts they need, combined with the latest industry analyses, case studies of renowned local and global companies, and the most recent faculty research.


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