DSC 2018

The Digital Society Conference 2018: Empowering Ecosystems


December 10-11, 2018
ESMT Berlin
Schlossplatz 1, 10178 Berlin

The Digital Society Conference 2018 - Empowering ecosystems will cover new developments in security and privacy, digital politics, and industrial strategies. A particular focus will be the reality of the rise of AI - its societal implications, how to understand and harness the battle for AI dominance. And we will take a closer look at platforms - their role, their power, how to build them and how and when to control them. We have outstanding speakers and contributors from strategy, tech and politics and want you to join us in our quest.
The conference will bring two days of technical and political panels, presentations, and workshops, giving you many different perspectives from science, industry and governments and including speakers from MIT, NATO, Oxford University, Tel Aviv University, the AI Initiative of The Future Society, the German Bundestag, and many more.

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