Research and Development

In accordance with the school's mission, the role of research at ESMT Berlin is to develop and disseminate innovative knowledge, to foster sustainable economic growth, and to help business leaders succeed globally and act responsibly. ESMT's research findings aspire to enlighten the judgment of business leaders and policy makers, thereby improving human societies and organizations.

The research output from ESMT's faculty is published in international academic journals, which are first-class in their respective fields. These research findings also provide cutting-edge and profound insights for the business community as well as the classroom through managerial publications and case studies.

Our faculty comes from a wide variety of international academic and professional backgrounds and collaborates in an exceptional academic environment. This rare integration of research and practice makes ESMT Berlin an outstanding location for generating relevant and ground-breaking knowledge.


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Cutting-edge and profound insights for the business community.

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Research projects

ESMT's faculty attracts grants from various funding sources.

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PhD program

ESMT Berlin participants in Berlin Doctoral Program in Economics & Management Science.

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Visiting scholars and researchers

To help develop networks and foster research.

Leaders of tomorrow

Research lab

For studies in consumer and investor behavior, behavioral economics, and psychology.

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Organizing and hosting events play an integral factor in the development of our faculty.