Leistungsmanagement: Führung, Resilienz, Stressmanagement

Human capital is an organization’s biggest asset.

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But due to the complexities and dynamics of local and global competitors as well as the need to succeed, employees are experiencing increased levels of pressure. At the same time, companies save by reducing the number of staff, leading to an increase in responsibilities for those who remain. Some employees are no longer able to meet these demands and expectations. As a result, their performance levels are dropping and the rate of sick leave is increasing.

This German language program goes beyond the scope of recruiting, hiring, and retaining the best people. It examines how business leaders can ensure the performance and commitments of their employees under these conditions and not jeopardize their motivation or health.

This program is well suited to further learning, building on Führung von Mitarbeitern“ (FvM) or „Leading People and Teams“ (LPT).


Video - Interview mit Florian Goldberg


Target audience

The program is designed for executives who want to maintain or increase the performance levels of their employees who are working under increased pressure to produce results.


Key benefits

  • notice stress patterns and stress triggers
  • recognize the physiological and psychological risk indicators among employees
  • evaluate the distribution of tasks within a team
  • develop the skills to maintain a team’s performance level
  • learn to lead under pressure


 Key topics

  • The pressure to perform in dynamic and complex working environments
  • Stressors and stress progression
  • Stress reactions and consequences of stress
  • Emotional reactions as stress indicators
  • Personal coping styles
  • Resilience
  • Techniques for coping with stress
  • Leading overburdened employees


Meet the teaching staff

Leistungsmanagement: Führung, Resilienz, Stressmanagement

16. - 18. Sep 2019
3 Tage
3,700 €

Dorothea Walter (Program Director)

After more than 10 years in International Education and international project management, Dorothea’s interests revolve around communication in organizations, mindfulness and positive psychology in management, self-leadership, and entrepreneurial processes. She’s enthusiastic about researching new educational opportunities. Having earned an M.A. in Literature and International Political Science, and a PhD in American Literature, Dorothea has taught Humanities as Associate Professor in Higher Education in Washington State before being contracted by Microsoft as an Instructional Developer. Here, she designed high-end course curricula, e.g. for the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator program, Microsoft Education etc. Most recently, Dorothea served as Academic Program Director at the University of California Santa Barbara Professional Education, where she oversaw all international and executive education programs

Florian Goldberg

is coach and philosophical advisor for people from business, politics and media.

Dr. Rosemarie Mendel

is a certified psychologist and a certified social pedagogue.