Governing and advisory bodies

As a state-accredited business school, ESMT Berlin has two spheres of governance. The corporate governance of the business school regulates all strategic and operative issues of the school. Its managing directors (president and CFO), being legally responsible for the school, are controlled by the supervisory board and advised by the executive management committee (EMC). The EMC is made up of the managing directors and the deans of the school.

The academic governance of the school deals with all matters relating to faculty policy, research, and education. There are two main bodies: the academic board and the academic committee. The academic board is an independent advisory body for academic matters. The academic committee supervises and advises the president in fundamental academic issues regarding research, academic instruction, and further development of the study program.

The president is in charge of the school and represents it in both spheres of its governance.

Twenty-five corporations and institutions established the endowed ESMT Foundation, which consequently founded ESMT GmbH, the supporting organization of the school (so called in German “Trägerin”). The ESMT foundation’s executive committee legally represents and leads the foundation and is controlled by the board of trustees. Both are advised by the international advisory council. The majority shareholder of the school is the ESMT Foundation and the minority shareholder is the Gesellschaft der Freunde und Förderer der ESMT e. V.