School’s mission

ESMT Berlin develops entrepreneurial leaders who think globally, act responsibly, and respect the individual. With a heritage rooted in European values and the potential of technology, ESMT develops and imparts new knowledge to foster sustainable economic growth.

The research concept of ESMT, developed by the full-time faculty, sets three major research areas which pertain to a certain area of expertise:

  • Leadership and social responsibility: deals with questions such as how socially responsible leaders should be trained and supported.
  • European competitiveness: both the classical problems of market failure as well as regulatory and policy failures are examined.
  • Management of technology: focuses on how the development and market introduction of new technologies can be successfully designed from an individual, corporate, industrial, and societal perspective.

There is considerable overlap between these areas of research, and many of the faculty members are working on several research areas or their interfaces. Additionally, the behavior-theoretical research is fit to further link the three areas of competence.