Quality, accreditations, and rankings




From the heart of Europe, we create and impart new knowledge to advance business and society. We develop entrepreneurial leaders who think globally and act responsibly.

ESMT strives for excellence in all areas and reviews its success in reaching its goals internally and externally. Students, alumni, faculty, and client companies assess program development and execution. The feedback received is presented and discussed regularly by ESMT management, faculty, and program directors, and where necessary, action is taken. Degree and executive education programs monitor the quality of the program delivery through communication with students, faculty, and staff involved in it. ESMT degree programs especially emphasize quality of content, delivery, and interaction between faculty and students. Evidence of this quality is recorded in the teaching syllabus, in student evaluations, and in the end-of-year report by the outgoing class.

Internationally recognized accreditations by leading institutions control the quality of ESMT and its programs and prove their excellence. ESMT also consistently achieves a competitive position in national and international rankings.

Quality ensured by

The Wissenschaftsrat (German Council of Science and Humanities)

...welcomes that ESMT distinguishes itself through profound, internationally reputable research and explicitly acknowledges that the structural conditions (teaching and mentoring capacities) for research at ESMT are favorable.

The EQUIS Awarding Body

...took particular note of the quality of the School in terms of the rapid progress since its relatively recent foundation, its strong corporate connections, its research-led culture, its highly-ranked executive education and MBA programs and its strong focus on sustainability and responsibility.

The EQUIS Peer Review Team

...views ESMT as a strong international business school that has achieved national and international recognition in 12 years since its foundation with its quality programmes, international students and faculty.

...believes that with its unique characteristics, with its resources provided by the founding corporations, strong corporate connections, committed alumni base and network, and with its internationally recognised faculty and dedicated staff, the European School of Management and Technology has the potential to achieve wider international recognition and visibility and become a leading international business school with the right strategy and implementation.

...was pleased to find ESMT as a research-led international business school that sets sustainability and responsibility as one of the pillars of its mission, with excellent corporate connections. The School has shown remarkable progress since its foundation in 2002.