ESMT Annual Forum

ESMT ANNUAL Forum 2019
JUNE 6, 2019

Artificial intelligence, digitalization, a growing skepticism regarding the benefits of globalization, trade barriers, employee recruitment and retention, and the shift of influence caused by the increasing economic prowess of regions once considered “developing” – these are just a few global challenges that businesses face today. After the global economy’s slow recovery from the financial crisis of the late 2000s, international economic institutions are now predicting that the economy will decelerate over the next two years. But is the outlook for business really so gloomy?

The ESMT Annual Forum 2019 will illuminate the risks and the possibilities that have arisen from global change. How will current political trends influence business in the next decade? How should firms best prepare for a possible economic downturn? What opportunities do new technologies and increasing digitalization bring to industry? How can companies attract and retain the best talent? How can we foster leaders who can shape the global landscape for the better?

Past topics

ESMT Annual Forum 2018

2018: Technology

Managing the future

2017: Agility

Leading in transition

ESMT Annual Forum

2016: Digitalization

Responsible strategies for business and society

ESMT Annual Forum

2015: Entrepreneurship

Placed entrepreneurial thinking and action at the center of its program.

ESMT Annual Forum

2014: Corporation 2050

Building to last, leading to adapt - delved into the major themes of future business and leadership.

ESMT Annual Forum

2013: The Future of Jobs

Addressed the various issues of employment, career development etc.

ESMT Annual Forum

2012: Leading Across Generations

The forum was organized by ESMT and the ILA.

ESMT Annual Forum

2011: The Global Race for Competitive Edge

The ESMT Annual Forum 2011 was held July 6-7, 2011 in Berlin.

ESMT Annual Forum

2010: People, Planet, Profit

ESMT welcomed more than 300 guests to its 3rd Annual Forum.

ESMT Annual Forum

2009: Navigating in Turbulent Times

The 2nd Annual Forum brought together 270 delegates.

ESMT Annual Forum

2008: Corporate Russia on the Rise

Russian corporations and their relationship to the West.