ESMT Berlin as event location

When events become a statement

Schlossplatz 1

There are hardly any other better occasions to present the quality and value of your company and make them come alive than with a top event. The venue chosen by you is more than a functional location. It is a corporate statement.

Schlossplatz 1, the campus of ESMT Berlin, offers many diverse opportunities. The modern functionality and imposing architectural aesthetics of the former GDR State Council headquarters provide an elegant setting to effectively impress your guests.


For the planning and implementation of events, we pursue a holistic approach which meets top meeting demands in terms of size, scope, and infrastructure. Our modern facilities include a large auditorium for up to 360 people, two lecture halls, a large number of study and meeting rooms, as well as an in-house restaurant.

If you would like to host your event or meeting at Schlossplatz 1, please visit our dedicated event website: for more information.