Open Lectures and other events at ESMT Berlin

The open lectures showcase speakers, who through their achievements and expertise are recognized leaders in their fields. The lectures cover a wide spectrum of fields ranging from business, economics, politics, and philosophy to the arts. Our esteemed speakers not only provide detailed knowledge on their specialized topics, but also provocative insights that have broad relevance and wide-range application. The ESMT Open Lectures provide a forum in which their ideas can be communicated to and debated with a wider audience.

Format: 30-minute lecture (open to public) followed by a compelling Q&A session with the moderator and open discussion with the audience.

Most recent videos

Etay Shilony

Dr. Etay Shilony

Learning and unlearning from the Israeli entrepreneurship experience

Kirill Lukashuk and Natalia Porokhova

Russian economy and financial sector: beyond crisis but under sanctions. What to expect? 


Sebastian Muschter

Sebastian Muschter

Moving from administration to management – lessons from the LAGeSo crisis

Andreas Dombret

Andreas Dombret

Five theses on the future of Europe

Giacomo Corneo

Giacomo Corneo

Is Capitalism Obsolete?

Mishka Henner & Jonathan Lewis

Art and Economics in the Age of the Internet

Candice Morgan

Candice Morgan

The Business Case for Diversity – Lessons Learned on Improving Diversity at Pinterest

Lee Rainie

"What Happens When the Internet is Everywhere"

Japanese-German Business Talk

Japanese-German Business Talk with Go Miyazaki

“Fujifilm's reform and future challenges"

ESMT Open Lecture with Charley Moore

Charley Moore

The Consumerization of Justice is Here: The Future of Legal Tech and Rocket Lawyer


“High Inclusive Growth – The Elusive Quest”

Petri Kokko

Petri Kokko

“The Digital Transformation” – Google’s strategic journey from desktop to mobile first and now AI

Axel Gloger

Diskussionsveranstaltung mit Axel Gloger

„Betriebswirtschaftsleere: Was für eine BWL braucht Deutschland?“

ESMT Open Lecture with Christine Lagarde

Christine Lagarde

Innovation, Technology and Growth

ESMT Open Lecture with Mikhail Khodorkovsky

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

Russia in Europe: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

ESMT Open Lecture with Nicolas Véron "Challenges for the European Union in 2017"

Nicolas Véron

"Challenges for the European Union in 2017"

Dr. Jochen Andritzky

Dr. Jochen Andritzky

"Zeit für Reformen: Einblick ins Jahresgutachten der Wirtschaftsweisen"

SMT Open Lecture with George Yip

George Yip

"Strategies for Innovation in China"

ESMT Open Lecture with Jürgen Chrobog

Jürgen Chrobog

"Uncertain times: perspectives for a stable Europe"

ESMT Open Lecture "The Appeal of Extremist Groups in Times of Uncertainty"

Prof. Michael A. Hogg

The Appeal of Extremist Groups in Times of Uncertainty

ESMT Open Lecture with Rachel Empey

Rachel Empey

M&A and Digitization – Two Mutually Reinforcing Factors

ESMT Open Lecture and book presentation with Alvin E. Roth

Alvin E. Roth

Who Gets What and Why: The New Economics of Matchmaking and Market Design

ESMT Open Lecture: Why Leadership Character Makes the Difference for Thriving Companies

Fred Kiel

Why Leadership Character Makes the Difference for Thriving Companies

Panel discussion at ESMT: "The End of the Old Boys Clubs"

The End of the Old Boys Clubs

What Excellence in Supervisory Boards is made of.