National and international cooperations

Since its founding, ESMT Berlin has been continually building upon its network of national and international cooperations amassing an impressive list of partners. There are various areas ESMT maintains strong partnerships in, including executive development program cooperations, student exchange programs, as well as research- and project-related cooperations.

ESMT is part of a number of international associations, which is beneficial not only to the school but also to its students, faculty, and corporate partners. Through these memberships the school gets access to an international network of contacts and opportunities for debating on current management issues. The school will continue to build on its cooperation efforts as well as the number of international activities. The development of partnerships with international companies is now managed by various teams within the school, depending on the nature of the relationship. This will help the school to build experience in all areas, advance new cooperation efforts, and aim at developing stronger international partnerships through research, executive education, degree programs, knowledge-transfer, and thought leadership.

National cooperations

International cooperations