Entrepreneurial Leadership Program

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To generate new growth, executives must stop thinking of themselves as chief managers and start thinking of themselves as entrepreneurs. They should not focus their energies on incremental growth through endless optimization, but instead look to leverage their company’s assets in order to build new offerings, move into new markets, and create next-generation solutions.

The program Entrepreneurial Leadership has been designed to develop proactive leadership capabilities that will help participants to think with the mindset of a founder and inspire innovation across the organization. Furthermore, the two modules will involve participants with international backgrounds to share their perspectives on excellent business and leadership.

Target audience

  • Multinational companies that desire a continuous supply of high-performance executives
  • Mid-size companies in global markets that aim to develop local top-talents
  • Successful family businesses that plan to foster sustainability for generations


Key benefits

Individual benefits
Under the framework of German Management Philosophy, participants will improve their business performance by developing a deeper understanding of their company’s mission and strategy. The knowledge and skills gained from the program will help executives to equip themselves for day-to-day as well as executive decision making, and how to confidently face tough business scenarios involving significant risks – both business and professional. Furthermore, while they put their new skills into practice, participants will be supported through a post-program follow-up.  

Organizational benefits
This program provides both the participants and their organizations with the capability to adapt market changes and apply their acquired knowledge in practice. Participants’ organizations will benefit from managing the pipeline of key executives while avoiding the hiring or promotion of untested talents. They will also boost investors’ and stakeholders’ confidence with qualified successors.


Key topics

Module I: Business Exellence

  • Global developments and strategic business options
  • Achieving sales success in modern B2B markets
  • Creating and implementing business models 4.0
  • Looking at some crucial managerial issues over investment management
  • Focusing on the latest techniques in investment decisions
  • Discussing some unique approaches regarding in mergers and acquisitions for Chinese and Germany companies

Module II: Leadership Exellence

  • Generating team spirit in a high-performance culture
  • Developing a culture to learn and benefit from errors
  • The ethical dimensions of leadership
  • Optimizing cross-cultural cooperation
  • Understanding the Germany Management Philosophy through culture and historical exposure


Meet the staff

Dr. Olaf Plötner, Professor, ESMT Berlin

Konstantin Korotov, Phd, Professor of Organizational Behavior, Director of the Center for Leadership Development Research (CLDR), and Associate Dean of Executive Education, ESMT Berlin

Kalun Tse, Phd, Visiting Professor, ESMT Berlin and Professor of Finance, Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Dr. Jan Hagen, Associate Professor, ESMT Berlin

Peter Li, Phd, Visiting Professor, ESMT Berlin and Li Dak Sum Chair Professor of International Business, University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC)