Professionelles Verhandeln

Learn the essentials of the negotiation process

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Because it is rarely analyzed, managers are often unable to assess how well they perform as a negotiator, or how to increase the negotiating performance of their employees and organizations. As a result, every manager entrusted with negotiation faces the question: Which processes, approaches, and behaviors are best suited to build sound business relationships and at the same time secure the most profitable outcomes?

As an English language alternative program we recommend Negotiation Mastery. As deep dive we recommend Verhandlungsführung - Intensivseminar (or Negotiation Excellence).


Target audience

Participants come from procurement, sales, key account management, marketing, project management, M&A, investment management, and human resources and are confronted with extensive negotiation situations in their daily work.


Key benefits

  • learn to plan the negotiation strategy before taking a seat at the negotiation table    
  • analyze participant’s personal negotiation style
  • assess different types of negotiations
  • understand how others perceive and react to different styles of negotiation
  • learn how to secure good deals
  • receive analysis and management tools to increase long-term bargaining power


Key topics

  • Preparing negotiations
  • Strengthening and enforcing a negotiating position
  • Recognizing individual negotiating styles and extending the participant’s repertoire
  • Using different interests for mutual advantage and building positive business relationships
  • Dealing with difficult negotiation situations


Meet the teaching staff

Nan Guo (Program director)

Nan Guo is a program director at ESMT since 2018. Before joining ESMT, She was on the frontline of market entry projects for German corporates, medium-sized companies and a startup in higher education into the Chinese market. She played a key role in bringing German products and services to the Chinese market and has rich experience in building up intercultural teams and prepare organizations for its market expansion. Her recent projects include executive education programs on innovation & digitization for both German and Chinese clients.

Her focus is to help executives develop the right market expansion strategy, understand China, new businesses and succeed in leading multinational teams.

Professor Martin Schweinsberg

is an assistant professor of organizational behavior at ESMT Berlin. Previously, he was an assistant professor at INSEAD. Martin obtained his PhD from London Business School and also holds an MSc (cum laude) and a BSc (with honors and cum laude) in psychology from the University of Amsterdam.

In one line of research, Martin seeks to explain how negotiators can create and claim more value and how they can avoid impasses. In a second line of research, he examines competition for social status. Martin’s dissertation examined the systematic errors people make in their pursuit of higher status and asks specifically whether and why people overestimate their happiness after gaining status. He also examines how to make further areas of science more reproducible by crowd sourcing distinct aspects of the scientific process.

His research has been published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Social Psychological and Personality Science, and in Nature: Scientific Data. Martin’s work has been covered in Harvard Business Review, The Atlantic, Slate Magazine, National Affairs, and 538, among others.

Martin currently serves on the editorial board of Nature: Scientific Data and as a reviewer for several management journals.

He is an award-winning teacher and has taught executives as well as MBA and PhD students in Europe, Asia, and the United States. He teaches and directs open executive education programs and teaches in client-specific programs at ESMT Berlin. He has also taught in INSEAD’s flagship open executive and client-specific programs. Martin has won INSEAD’s prestigious Dean’s Commendation for Excellence in teaching three years in a row.

Professionelles Verhandeln

26. - 28. Jun 2019
3 Tage
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